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27 May 2020

World Product Day


World Product Day is an annual event to celebrate our craft and community. In 2020 most of us find ourselves under lockdown so we’re going virtual with over 50 live events all over the world on May 27, 2020!

Expect even more great lessons and connections in just one day, as product managers all over the world get together on livestreams and make a ton of noise on the hashtag #worldproductday – leading to a wave of product discussion that will start in Wellington, New Zealand, span 43+ countries, and culminate across the West Coast of North America 20 hours later.

This day will raise awareness of and appreciation for the craft of product management and our global tribe of product people!

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All the World Product Day events

Time in UTC:
Time (UTC) Location Speaker(s) Topic
00:00New ZealandJohn CutlerThe Feature Factory -- A Three Year Retrospective
02:00BrisbaneGibson BiddleProduct Strategy
04:00PerthMichelle DickinsonAsk Me Anything (AMA) with Dr Michelle Dickinson (Founder of Nanogirl Labs)
07:00Tbilisi25+ Speakers!A full day event to celebrate all things Product in Georgia
08:00MelbourneNicole Bronlan & Josh CentnerProduct vision and influencing
10:00Hong KongWendy TamEmbrace the new normal in product management
10:00TokyoTodd BirzerThe New Flavors of Product Management: Leaner, faster, and more experimental
12:00HanoiThuy Minh GIANG, Boris BORTOLOSSI, and Tony LEProduct Leadership: key success behaviors & Experience Management for Vietnam startups
12:00Ho Chi MinhKeith Tan, Peter LaurieThe outsider advantage: how not being part of the industry helped us solve their biggest problems and How do you work out what product you need to build?
12:30ChandigarhJeroen Jonker RoelantsThe War for Attention
13:30ColomboDhanika Perera, Amila De Silva, Chathuraka WaasDiscovering Product Management
13:30Pune, Bangalore, and AhemdabadJason TurnbullWhen adapting to working from home, collaboration will be the hardest thing to maintain, but the easiest thing to master.
13:30DelhiShaheena Attarwala and Dushyant SahniGetting Product and Design to work together and Remote Discovery and Ideation
15:30RotterdamStephen Culligan, Janna Bastow
16:00Karlsruhe & Linz Melissa PerriEscaping the Build Trap
16:00DenmarkGino Micacchi +1Managing Innovation
16:00NairobiSefunmi OsinaikeBreaking into Product Management
16:00RuhrHolger ThiemannDifferentiation PM - PO
16:00BerlinRandy Silver, Shruti Ramiah, and Eli MontgomeryThink Again
16:00OsloLucas Weldeghebriel, Erik Devetak, Cailin SmithStorytelling
16:30DüsseldorfHein Ragas, Kadir TopalPerforming as a PM when the whole world shifts to working remotely
16:30AmsterdamTim HerbigImpact Mapping
16:30MadridJohn CutlerFocus on Impact, not outcomes
16:30StockholmPetra Klein, David Almström, Francesca Cortesi, and Erel ShermanCybersecurity and Changing Focus when everything changes around you
17:00CardiffDavid J Bland & Roman PitchlerTesting Business Ideas and Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders
17:00SwitzerlandGibson BiddleNetflix: Wicked Hard Decisions
17:00PolandMariusz Szyma, Krzysztof Marcisz, and Kristina Walcker-MayerProduct Strategy & Roadmaps
17:00ValenciaDavid RochPrimeros pasos con Shape Up
17:00MunichEik Thyrsted Brandsgård, Joshua Friedman, and Michael SchoelkopfDesign Sprints at scale, Life of a Data Product Manager, and Learn to Code
17:00Barcelona, Split, Odesa, and HamburgNacho Bassino, Thomas Leitermann, and Sebastián Honores Espejo Product Strategy, Navigating the tool jungle, and Success in Product
17:00HamburgNacho Bassino, Thomas Leitermann, and Sebastián Honores Espejo Product Strategy, Navigating the tool jungle, and Success in Product
17:30IrelandRandy Silver & Louise BernsteinProduct Strategy during Pandemic & Product Leadership
18:00LagosColleen Graneto and Jubril JumaMaking Strategic Decisions
18:00Bristol & ExeterMarty CaganEmpowered Teams
18:30BirminghamDave MartinProduct Growth Engine
18:30LondonPhill Agnew, Mike Hutchinson, Eli MontgomeryBlack Mirror 2.0
19:00RichmondKate LetoThe Secret Sauce to Hiring Great Product People
Belo Horizonte, Campo Grande, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Joinville, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo
Joaquim Torres, Yolanda Castro, Renato Moreira, Éfrem Filho, Robinson Castrilho, Manoela Freitas, and Gustavo QueirozTBD
22:00Philadelphia (& Pittsburgh)Mary Beth Green & Maureen RinkunasInnovation
22:00Pittsburgh (& Philadelphia)Mary Beth Green & Maureen RinkunasInnovation
22:00BuffaloJeff KosciejewPM and PO Prioritization Workshop
22:30AustinRyan Rumsey, Hector Del Castillo, and Miguel Roblero CastilloDigital Product Strategy
22:30New YorkMelissa Perri
22:30IndianapolisSarah Burtenshaw and Chris PooreWorking the Basecamp Shape Up methodology into your Agile organization
22:30ChicagoTBCVirtual Poolside Chat: How has COVID-19 impacted you & your teams
23:00TorontoPelham Norville, Ilissa Brusse, and Mikkel LundingProduct Validation Streams: Bringing multi-disciplinary product discovery into your practice
Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Cancún, Córdoba, Lima, Medellín, Mendoza, Mérida, Mexico City, Montevideo, Quito, Rosario, Santiago de Chile
Gibson BiddleHacking your Product Leader Career
01:00 +1PortlandChristine HerzogProduct Management for a Zero Trust World

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